Branex publishes infographics for typography trends

Andy Dewhurst

Infographics are great for encapsulating and presenting useful facts in an eye-catching manner, so marketing and web design company Branex has created one for this year’s typography trends. According to the infographic, there are over 90,000 typefaces and some 25,000 font families. It’s therefore no surprise that many people have trouble choosing the perfect font.

Thames & Hudson publishes new book about supergraphics

Andy Dewhurst

The term “supergraphics” is generally used to label typography and other wall art intended for walls and other large-scale surfaces, a practice that is being increasingly used in recent years. These grand designs can be used to guide people around complex transport systems, such as Lance Wyman’s wayfinding system for Mexico City’s metro network, or.

Vehicle Customiser

Andy Dewhurst

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