Branex publishes infographics for typography trends

Andy Dewhurst

Infographics are great for encapsulating and presenting useful facts in an eye-catching manner, so marketing and web design company Branex has created one for this year’s typography trends.

According to the infographic, there are over 90,000 typefaces and some 25,000 font families. It’s therefore no surprise that many people have trouble choosing the perfect font for

their personalised lettering. Helvetica and Arial appear to be the most popular fonts of last year, but this does not mean you should be limited to them. Numerous other fonts can give your branding a real edge.

While the infographic is oriented more towards web design, there are some useful insights for items like custom vehicle lettering and vinyl business signs. Among its top-ten trends, Branex predicts that 70s and 80s retro-style lettering will make a comeback this year, so this may be option for those looking for a quirky way to make their brand stand out. The company also believes that the phrase “big and bold” will characterise font use this year.

The infographic also lists other ways that custom lettering will stand out, such as through the use of highlights and underlines, cut-outs and overlays, gradient backgrounds, and transparent typefaces over colourful backgrounds. Multi-coloured lettering will also add a new dimension to lettered logos and allow brands to stand out more.

Handwriting-style fonts are also expected to become popular in branding, and many larger companies may start commissioning their own custom fonts to set themselves apart.

The full infographic can be viewed on Branex’s website.

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