How fonts can help tell a story

Andy Dewhurst

When you’re designing your custom vinyl lettering, one of the first decisions you need to make is which font to use. Believe it or not, this can have a subtle yet powerful effect on the impression you project with your window signage, vehicle wraps, or wall decorations. Movie studios have long exploited this phenomenon. Some.

Netflix gets its own typeface

Andy Dewhurst

Netflix has joined the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung and created its own bespoke typeface for branding and marketing purposes. The company had been previously using the Gotham font, but the global nature of Netflix’s business means that licensing costs can really stack up. In addition to saving money, the bespoke font will give.

Branex publishes infographics for typography trends

Andy Dewhurst

Infographics are great for encapsulating and presenting useful facts in an eye-catching manner, so marketing and web design company Branex has created one for this year’s typography trends. According to the infographic, there are over 90,000 typefaces and some 25,000 font families. It’s therefore no surprise that many people have trouble choosing the perfect font.