Designer demonstrates brand resonance by recreating logos

Andy Dewhurst

Designer demonstrates brand resonance by recreating logos

It is common knowledge that logos and custom lettering can have a dramatic effect on branding, so no wonder that big companies can easily spend millions on getting their logos right. The effect is so subtle, though, that it is often hard to appreciate this effect.

To demonstrate this influence, Emanuele Abrate, a designer based in Italy, has reconstructed some of the world’s best-known logos from famous brands.

The twist is that rather than using the brand names, he has replaced them with the title of logo’s font. The end result is that despite not including the brand name, many people still instantly recognise the logos and connect them with the right brand. In some cases, they may not notice the lettering has changed until inspecting them closer, demonstrating how much a good logo resonates with people.

What’s more, custom lettering is also a big part of branding. Well-regarded typographical designer Matthew Carter, who is responsible for many of the 20th century’s iconic fonts, once said that lettering should:

“…provide a seamless passage of the author’s thoughts into the readers’ minds with as much sympathy, style, and congeniality as possible.”

Fortunately, you do not need to have a million-dollar budget to get a similar effect for your business. Custom vinyl lettering and decals provide a cost-effective way to decorate shop windows and vehicles, helping to make your brand instantly recognisable to customers.

Example of Abrate’s recreated logos can be viewed on his Instagram page.

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