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With our vinyl lettering design tool you have the ability to create custom signs for a variety of applications. Simply enter your text, choose the font, colour and sizing, and once you're happy, add it to your basket. Designing your own custom vinyl lettering is a quick and easy process using the tool above, but we're here to help should you need something more bespoke, like a different font or colour of vinyl. Below are some helpful tips which you might find useful when designing your own vinyl lettering. You can also watch a tutorial video by clicking the button below our guide.

Reverse cut option: Using the reverse cut vinyl lettering option above means that you can stick your lettering to the inside of windows, so it can be read from the outside. Typical applications where reverse cut vinyl lettering is used are in shop windows, office windows, commercial van windows and the windows of private vehicles.

Font size field: The font size field above is the approximate height of the vinyl lettering when cut. Once entered, this size (or lettering height) will be fixed but the width will change depending on the font you choose and any character spacing applied. Our custom vinyl lettering is priced by size rather than by font or colour, with very competitive rates for such high quality vinyl.

Background colour option: This option allows you to see how your custom vinyl lettering might look when mounted on different coloured surfaces. For instance, if you're using our vinyl lettering designer to create a sticker to be mounted on a black car, you would change the background colour to black to allow you to see the lettering, and how different colours might look. This background colour will not be reproduced in the final cut vinyl.

Choice of font: We offer a large selection of fonts in our lettering designer tool, some of which are more common than others. For business vinyl signs, the font Impact is a popular choice, bold, simple and good for portraying an easy to read message. Typical applications of that font would be for signage, shop windows and vehicle lettering. Old style fonts are great for replicating lettering used in times gone by. Some of our customers who use these type of fonts are sports clubs for their honours boards, shops for their window lettering and frontage signs. Script fonts are designed to join up elegantly and are commonly used for names. We have produced numerous applications for wall art, sports clubs, churches, schools and for rooms in the home, including children's bedrooms. Play around and find a font which best suits your usage.

If you have any special requirements for custom vinyl lettering, for example a different font or a non standard colour, then please contact us. We have hundreds of different fonts on our system, so if there is something you require we are always happy to help. You can contact us via our contact page, attaching any files or ideas, or if you have a quick question you can also message us through WhatsApp for a prompt reply.