Getting the most from business vehicles with custom vinyl lettering

Andy Dewhurst

Business vehicles may be essential to delivering your product or service, but they can also act as mobile billboards. Studies have shown on-vehicle advertising like custom vinyl lettering to be a very effective marketing tool. What’s more, vinyl lettering is easy to apply yourself, so you can save on installation costs.

What information should you include?

Vehicle signage can say a lot about your business, but only if you do it right. Many businesses don’t, and onlookers can be left clueless about what these businesses do.

Clearly, you don’t want to bombard onlookers with too much information, but you also do not want to leave them in any doubt as to what product or service your business provides. Basic information would of course include your business name and a contact number. It’s also important to be specific about what your business does. For example, let’s say your personalised lettering says “Home repair service”. This then begs a question: What do you repair? It could be anything from clocks to roofs.

Next, is there a competitive advantage that’s useful to briefly mention? This could be something like free quotations, money-back guarantees, next-day delivery, or anything else that may appeal to prospective customers. In this digital age, you may also want to add an online contact detail, such as an email address, website or social media details.

Can you place lettering on windows?

The law sets strict requirements for not obscuring the front windscreen, especially in the area in front of the driver (called “zone A”). Failure to ensure this can result in penalties and a failed MOT test. Given the limitations, it will be impractical to convey a meaningful message on the front windscreen without violating the law and compromising safety.

The rear window may offer more options, if the vehicle has one. You should note, however, that regulation 33 of The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 states that two fully functioning exterior mirrors must be fitted to a vehicle when the interior rear-view mirror cannot provide a view to the rear. This means you could, for example, be liable for prosecution if you drive with a broken exterior mirror when your rear window is obscured.

If you choose to apply vinyl lettering or decals to vehicle windows, always put safety first. If you feel you cannot send the message you want without putting you and your employees at risk, find a location on the bodywork you can decorate instead.

Stand out

It’s important for your vehicle signage to be memorable. Think about the iconic graphics and lettering you see on the vehicles of well-known brands and try to emulate their success. When people remember your branding, they’ll take note of your vehicles over multiple sightings, further reinforcing this memory. This can then make them more likely to contact you when they find themselves in need of your product or service.

At Lettering Direct, it’s easy to experiment with custom lettering designs using our online Lettering Designer, so you can achieve the look that will get your brand noticed. We can also offer social media icons and other vinyl graphics.

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