How are vinyl business signs made?

Andy Dewhurst

When it comes to creating signage for your business, you have many more options these days than was once the case. There are very few traditional sign writers still “pushing a brush” these days, as businesses opt instead for modern equivalents such as vinyl lettering and decals.

Business signage has also now moved beyond simply hanging an attractive sign over your shopfront. It’s now taken as read that decorating a display window with custom lettering and graphics can improve the overall appearance of a business and draw in customers. In addition, adding signage to any vehicles helps provide your business with all-but-free publicity as they go about their normal operations. In fact, this has been shown to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

The revolution

Vinyl lettering and decals have somewhat revolutionised business signage. It’s relatively inexpensive to produce, even with a custom design, and you can easily install it yourself, saving you money in the process. So, how are vinyl business signs made?

The first key component in a durable vinyl business sign is a high-quality vinyl material. At Lettering Direct, we use only the best quality vinyl from UK manufacturers, so our lettering will be waterproof, windproof and keeps its great looks for many years. The second ingredient is a good quality adhesive, one that will keep the lettering firmly in place but allow for easy removal when the time comes to renew or change it.

Customer in mind

The next stage in the production process is driven by the customer. Using our easy lettering designer, a customer can specify the size of the business sign, the colour of the vinyl, and the font to use. An effect can then also be added, such as an inline, outline, relief, or an arc at various angles. The final step involves specifying the target’s surface material (e.g., vehicle, metal, glass, painted wood, etc.) to ensure a firm application. There is also the option of mirroring the design, such as for when the lettering is intended for application to the inside of a window but viewed from outside.

Once a customer completes an order, it is passed on for production. Based on the customer’s exact specification, a vinyl sheet of the correct colour is taken. This is then printed with any desired effects (inline, outline, etc.). Each letter (end even the individual parts of letters, such as the dot over a lower case “i”) is then individually cut by machine to exact specifications and arranged on a transfer sheet. The unused vinyl (i.e. the part you want to be transparent) can then be discarded and sent on for recycling.

The end result is a product that can be easily applied by customers to the desired target surface. Note that it’s important to first thoroughly clean the target surface from any grease or dirt. In the case of vehicles, this also means any waxes on the bodywork.

Once you follow the supplied installation instructions, you can stand back and admire your professional-quality business sign, all done without breaking the bank.

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