Netflix gets its own typeface

Andy Dewhurst

Netflix has joined the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung and created its own bespoke typeface for branding and marketing purposes.

The company had been previously using the Gotham font, but the global nature of Netflix’s business means that licensing costs can really stack up. In addition to saving money, the bespoke font will give Netflix a new

tool for its brand image and make it stand out from other brands that also use the Gotham typeface.

The new font, which is called Netflix Sans, was also developed with practicality in mind. While the proportions of the uppercase letters are intended to give a cinematic effect, the lowercase letters are said to be “compact and efficient.”

Noah Nathan, Netflix’s brand design lead, developed the font together with joint design lead Tanya Kumar and the people at Dalton Maag. Nathan describes it as “clean and neutral”. An element of the curved Netflix wordmark can be seen in the lowercase “t”, where the uppermost tip of the letter has a curved cut. The font also features smooth stroke transitions, straight exit strokes, and an enhanced geometry.

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