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Personalised Vehicle Lettering

Personalised vehicle lettering can be used by a business or individual. It helps promote a business on all its company cars, vans and trucks, but car, bike and caravan owners can also use customised lettering simply to make their vehicle their own.

How much does it cost?

Taking a vehicle to a company that produces vehicle graphics can cost from £175 to £500, or more depending on the size of the graphics.

Creating personalised vehicle lettering with Lettering Direct is a lot less expensive. You don’t need to have specific skills to apply the vinyl lettering to any vehicle.

Designing personalised vehicle lettering

The Lettering Direct lettering designer makes it easy to create personalised vehicle lettering. There are various text fonts and colours to choose from, and you can choose from a number of text effects, such as outline and shadow, to add impact to the lettering.

You can also add customised vinyl decal images to display your business logo alongside the vehicle lettering.

After designing the vehicle lettering, the finished items will be dispatched by the day after your order.

Where to stick the letters

Lettering Direct personalised vehicle lettering can be attached to any vehicle, including vans, cars, coaches, motorbikes, bikes, caravans and jetskis. Though it is called vehicle lettering, there is no rule that says the lettering has to be fixed to a vehicle. Make signs with the letters, add them to walls, decorate your dog’s kennel or fix them to windows. The only thing to remember is to specify what type of surface you want to fix the lettering to when using the our lettering designer.

After fixing vehicle lettering to a clean dry surface, the vinyl is durable and should last a long time, even outside in Britain’s wet climate.

If you need advice on customised vehicle lettering or have special requirements, call the Lettering Direct customer service team.


Lettering Direct are the UK’s longest running, online vinyl lettering supplier. We pride ourselves on our quality product and attention to detail. As a family run business, we’re always happy to hear from you with any queries you may have.

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