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Personalised Vinyl Decal

Personalised vinyl decals are a versatile way of promoting your business brand or expressing yourself. They are strong, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use by individuals and businesses.

At Lettering Direct, we proudly produce personalised vinyl decals in all shapes and sizes.

How to personalise a decal

Most decals are in one colour. You can create the design for a decal using a vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. The file can then emailed to us or uploaded to our website.

If you do not have your own design, we have several stock images that can be used for your decal, and these can be customised

Where can my personalised vinyl decal go?

Vinyl decals have an adhesive side and can be stuck to any smooth, clean surface. When ordering a personalised vinyl decal from Lettering Direct, simply specify what type of material you intend to affix the lettering to, and we will make sure your decal is suitable.

Decals can used on cars and vans, either on the body or the inside of the windows. Cycles and motorbikes can be decorated with a personalised vinyl decal too.

In the home, vinyl decals look great when it comes to adding interest to walls. They are ideal for rented property as they can easily be removed if and when you leave.

In business, vinyl decals can incorporate the company logo and slogan. They can be used to make signs, displayed at reception areas and fixed to glass doors and windows. Company laptops can display a decal, and company cars can advertise the business with a car window decal.

How to order your decal

Choose from the large range of decal designs up for customisation here at Lettering Direct, or use the web form to upload your custom designs. You won’t be disappointed.


Lettering Direct are the UK’s longest running, online vinyl lettering supplier. We pride ourselves on our quality product and attention to detail. As a family run business, we’re always happy to hear from you with any queries you may have.

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