Top tips for designing a great Vinyl logo

Andy Dewhurst

Top tips

A logo is an important piece of branding for a business. Strange as it may sound, something so simple can encourage trust in your professionalism. In contrast, a bad logo can have the opposite effect.

A good example of this was seen in 2010 when clothing retailer The Gap replaced its iconic 20-year-old (at the time) white-on-blue logo for a black-on-white one with a small blue box over the letter “p”. Following a backlash from customers on social media, the company dropped the new logo within days of launching it.

How To

So, how do you design a great logo, especially if you want to do it yourself?

Firstly, at Lettering Direct, we offer a lettering designer that lets you design custom vinyl lettering for use on walls, windows, doors and vehicles. With the right choice of font, placement, and effects, you can create eye-catching lettering to represent your brand. Of course, if you need something more complicated, you can always contact us with your requirements.

When you design your logo, you want to aim for something that’s going to get noticed. Don’t just follow a particular style because everyone seems to be using it, because this will not help people notice your brand. When you have a unique, personalised logo, it reinforces your brand and helps you stand out from the crowd.

What to avoid

The next thing is to avoid trying to cash in on fleeting trends. Sure, your logo needs to be relevant right now, but think about whether it will be just as relevant in a year, in 10 years, or even longer. For example, you might think it’s fun to emulate the branding of a popular television show, but will people still get the reference in a few years? If you’re starting a new company, or simply refreshing your branding, a timeless, clean design is the best option. It can even have modern elements so long as they are going to stand the test of time.

In the quest for a great logo, many people become tempted to add an excessive number of flashy elements. In reality, though, you want something that people can easily recognise rather than something they need to stare at before they can understand it. The basic purpose of a logo, namely brand recognition, is best served by a clean but aesthetically pleasing design.

Choosing the right colours for your Vinyl

Next comes the important choice of colour. Vibrant colours can be helpful when you want to make a logo with a striking appeal. Of course, following the simplicity rule above, you shouldn’t overdo it, and your logo should still be legible in a black-on-white rendition. Different colours also relate to different meanings and moods. For example, many people associate green with nature and therefore vitality, so it’s no surprise that health food retailers like Whole Foods use a predominantly green logo.

Of course, it’s not always easy to design a perfect logo. That’s why big companies spend so much money on them, but you can look through existing logo designs for inspiration and incorporate ideas into your own unique design.

If you have a design in mind you can send it to us via the contact page here

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