Typography meets augmented reality in new app

Andy Dewhurst

A new app called Weird Type has been launched that allows users to virtually decorate their environment with typography and graphics using augmented reality.

Unlike virtual reality, which is an entirely artificial construction, augmented reality (AR) involves modifying a live view of the environment with computer-generated sensory information. The new app unites AR with type, so users can

express themselves in new ways.

Within the app, users can position their personalised lettering within their three-dimensional space and then navigate around to view it from different angles. In addition, to name but a few features, users can make their text blow up and take photos with it. Sound can also be employed to affect the appearance of type.

American visual artist and program developer Zach Lieberman, together with artist Molmol Kuo, designed the app to be a playful yet creative way for anyone, whether they are amateurs or designers, to enjoy experimenting with type. Lieberman claims the app is very easy to use; simply enter your custom lettering and modify the style or effects. You can then record a video of your AR environment, which can then be shared through social media. As Lieberman puts it:

“We wanted to keep it simple so that users can focus on the art they are making – not the interface.”

Despite its ease of use, the app should also be helpful to professionals looking to experiment with using AR for type in three-dimensional space.

Weird Type is currently available through the Apple iOS App Store.

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