What is custom lettering?

Andy Dewhurst

You may have heard people talk about customised lettering, such as how it can make brands stand out, but what is custom lettering? You could argue two possible answers to this question, with only one perhaps being relevant for your business, but we’ll cover the other anyway.

Style from scratch

With truly custom lettering, a graphic designer creates a logo from scratch without using existing fonts. This means the designer is free to create the lettering in a way that allows a brand to present its image effectively. What’s more, because the font is unique, it can be more eye-catching. It also avoids issues with font licences, which can sometimes expire or be geographically limited.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a great logo using one of the numerous existing fonts. Indeed, many famous brands do just this. The logo of Facebook, for example, uses the Klavika font, which is described as a ‘sans for the 21st century’. That said, Cuban Council, which designed the logo, did make some slight modifications to achieve a unique look, such as making the meeting between the first two letters more pleasant and bringing the disjoint halves of the letter ‘k’ back together.

DIY approach

The second way to understand customer lettering is as text you design yourself to decorate walls, windows, doors and vehicles with, rather than rely solely on pre-printed designs. In the past, this often meant either hiring a professional sign writer to draw the text you wanted or trying to do it yourself, which unless done by a talented amateur, often ended up looking a little unprofessional.

Fortunately, vinyl lettering enables you to create your own elegant custom lettering in a much more cost-efficient manner. You can order it to your own specification and receive it pre-printed, pre-cut and pre-spaced on a transfer sheet. The lettering will also be specially produced to suit the destination surface, such as glass, Perspex or vehicle bodywork. It’s then a simple matter for you to apply it yourself, saving you money on installation costs.

Using custom lettering like this, you can liven up your commercial space. In addition to providing mundane, although essential, information like opening hours, you can decorate plain walls with information about your brand or services. Alternatively, you can draw customers in with bold announcements on your shop window. You can also transform your vehicle fleet into mobile billboards by using custom lettering and graphical decals to catch people’s attention.

If this still sounds complicated, don’t worry. At Lettering Direct, we provide an easy-to-use designer tool. This enables you to experiment with different fonts, colours and effects until you get the look you want for your brand. You will also see the price for your design, and can complete the order online.

We do understand, however, that our designer tool will not meet everyone’s needs, so if you have a more ambitious requirement, you can tell us your specification through our contact page, and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.

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