how to apply vinyl lettering

Before You Start


Don’t  install your vinyl graphic in direct sunlight. It is recommended you install your vinyl in a garage or inside a building if possible.

Ideally room and  surface temperature is recommended to be between 10°C and 20°C to reduce stretching or other unwanted  effects.

Materials Needed


Squeegee (obtainable from us)

– Application Fluid

– Spray bottle

– Suitable Detergent cleaning solution.

–  Measuring tape or ruler.

Lint Free cloth

Masking Tape

Surface Preperation


How To Apply Vinyl Lettering – stage 1

Remove all grease and dirt  from the surface you will be applying the vinyl graphic too.

This includes wax from car washes, etc. Your new vinyl graphic will not adhere properly if you do not have a nice clean installation surface.

Application Instructions


How To Apply Vinyl Lettering – stage 2

Place the vinyl lettering on your chosen surface  and make sure it is straight. Once the vinyl is in position  take some time to stand back and make sure you are happy with it and that it is straight and level. Next secure with some small pieces of low tack or masking tape. Make sure the vinyl is as flat as it can be on the wall.


How To Apply Vinyl Lettering – stage 3

Take 2 long pieces of masking tape and put it in the centre to keep it secure. This will make a centre hinge.



How To Apply Vinyl Lettering – stage 4

Choose the side of the vinyl you wish to start by folding the side you chose and fold it over the other side without causing a crease.

Remove the paper backing from your chosen side and hold in place, be careful not to touch the actual lettering.

Ideally have another person who can now cut the exposed half of the paper using scissors.

Fold the vinyl lettering over the wall, with the vinyl being as close as possible to the wall, but making sure it doesn’t actually touch the wall.


How To Apply Vinyl Lettering – stage 5

Use a squeegee and start rubbing over the vinyl, starting from the centre and working your way to the edges

Once you are done with the first half of the vinyl, you can now remove the masking tape from the centre as well as the any other strips of masking tape.

Repeat from step 4 to get the other half of the vinyl on the wall.


How To Apply Vinyl Lettering – stage 6

Carefully remove the tape from left to right, keeping it flat to the surface and at a slight angle. Therefore leaving the lettering behind.



Remove any air bubbles using a cloth and rub over the vinyl a few times in order to ensure it is securely on the wall. Any remaining air bubbles can be pierced using a pin and then smoothed out. The vinyl naturally shrinks over time so any small bubbles should disappear on their own.