Custom Vinyl Lettering

Custom vinyl lettering is a cost-effective way to create professional looking signs to advertise your business. That’s not to say it’s restricted to business use – it can be used to create attractive signs for family and social events too.

Custom Vinyl Lettering is Versatile

There are many uses for custom vinyl lettering. It’s a cost-effective way to decorate vehicles with your company name and contact details, and shops use vinyl lettering as it can easily be fixed to storefront windows. Handily, it can be peeled off and replaced at any time.

You can put vinyl lettering on boats, use it to display house names, and as part of business signs.

Complete customisation

Though you can buy ready-made lettering, you can customise vinyl lettering using any available font.

Most companies have brand image guidelines that specify the fonts associated with the brand, and these can be used in your vinyl lettering design.

Graphics software can be used to create the design of the custom vinyl lettering, but this is expensive and requires an experienced graphic designer to use. Alternatively, at Lettering Direct, we have a versatile online lettering designer that makes it easy for the novice to come up with great looking vehicle lettering. You can even specify the type of surface the lettering will be fixed to so that the completed customised vinyl lettering will be suitable for the material.

The professional look at affordable prices

You want your company to create a good impression, and this means that all your printed materials and signage should look professional. Understandably though, many small companies cannot afford to employ professional graphic artists to design their materials.

Designing your own vinyl lettering is an affordable way to make your signs look professional. Lettering Direct has many text effects to make your signs stand out, so go ahead and order your customised vinyl lettering from us today.


Lettering Direct are the UK’s longest running, online vinyl lettering supplier. We pride ourselves on our quality product and attention to detail. As a family run business, we’re always happy to hear from you with any queries you may have.

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