Choosing the right colour for your custom Vinyl lettering

Andy Dewhurst

Custom vinyl lettering is a great way to get a message across, but did you know the colour can influence how customers interpret that message?

Web design and marketing company WebpageFX undertook research and found that within 90 seconds of viewing a product, people have already made a subconscious judgement about it. What’s more, 80% of consumers believe colour enhances brand recognition, and almost 85% cite it as the primary reason for choosing a product.

Based on this research, here’s a quick guide to how your choice of colour for custom vinyl lettering can affect a brand image. Red, yellow, and blue are regarded as primary colours, while orange, green, and purple are believed to be the most important secondary colours.


Red is believed to have a strong arousal effect. It’s also thought to stimulate appetite, so if you serve food, it may help draw in those passers-by that are already feeling a little peckish. It is also thought to create a sense of urgency and encourage risk-taking, so it may be a good option when you are using custom vinyl lettering to promote time-limited offers such as clearance sales, or to encourage consumers to make an impulse purchase.


From a marketing perspective, yellow is thought to show clarity, optimism, and youthfulness. It grabs people’s attention and stimulates their mental processes. It may therefore be a good choice when you want to use personalised lettering to convey the value of your products or services to people, so they can also benefit from them.


Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, and it is therefore associated with water and peace. In contrast to red, which evokes emotions and triggers the appetite, blue has a calming effect and has even been shown to lower blood pressure. In branding, it helps to convey a sense of trust and security, so it may be a good choice of main colour for branding materials, such as custom vehicle wraps, when you want to convey your reliability rather than invoke an action from consumers.


People associate orange with the warmth of the sun, so it also brings feelings of balance and energy. You can use it in marketing to represent the confidence and cheerfulness of your brand. It also reinforces a call to action, so it may be a suitable choice when using custom lettering to suggest a new product or service to your customers.


Green is most associated with nature and health. It’s therefore the obvious choice for many environmental- and health-oriented brands, such as healthy food outlets. You can also use it in your interior custom lettering when you want to create a relaxed atmosphere inside your retail space, so customers will feel more at ease.


Purple arouses feelings of mystery and spirituality and is generally calming. You can use it when you want to express the imagination or creativity of a brand.

To learn more, WebpageFX’s infographic can be view on their website.

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